E 3-UM- 60 ST
C:  0.3    Si:0.5 
Mn:0,9 Cr:9
Mo:1,5 W:9
Basic coated electrode for high wear resistant hardfacings on hot-and cold-working tools. The deposit has a crack-fee martensitic structure. For achieving optimal crack-free deposits: preheating of the base material 250°C-300°C is essential.
E 3-UM- 55 T

C: 0.25     Cr: 3.5 
Mo:1 V:0,2
Particulary suited for hard facing of tools and components where the carbon content exceeds 0,6%, the full hardness being achieved in a single layer without cracking. Deposits have excellent bonding characteristics. Extended service life when post-weld heat treatment is given.
E 3-UM- 50 T
C:  0.3    Si:2.2 
W:4,2 V:0,6
HRC approx 47
High-quality electrode with a prox.120% recovery. Used for repairing steels of same type, e.g. on hot working tools, and fo overlaying edges or surfaces of tools made of low alloyed, high density steels.
E 3-UM- 55 T

C:  0.4    Si:0.45 
Mn:1,4 Cr:7,5
HRC: 52-57

For repair and build-up of hot working tools such as slab shears, hot forging dies, crushing equipment of similar or lower alloyed base metal. The preheat and interphase temperature should be held between 250°C.

E 4-UM-60-ST                  
C: 0.4 Cr: 4,8
Mo: 3.7 W: 3.5
HRC: 58-60
AC- weldable electrode with a recovery of 150% fir repairing hot working tools made of steels of the same or similar type. The deposited weld metal is highly resistant to extreme abrasive wear as well as medium shock and impact. The weld metal structure can be further improved by subsequent heat treatment.
E 4-UM-60-ST

C: 0.9 Cr: 4,5
Mo: 8.5 W: 2

HRC: 59-62

For repair and rebuilding of hight speed tool steels. Examples are cutting, piercing and shaving tools, hot working punches and dies, extrusion moulds and dies, shear blades, milling and cutting tools, swaging hammers, wood cutting tools and cutting edges on stamping dies.

E 4-UM-65-ST

C: 0.8 Cr: 4,5
Co 5 W.18

V: 1,5 Mo: 1

HRC: 60-63

AC-weldable electrode with a recovery of 140%. Designed for hard-facing high speed steel tools, low alloyed base materials and for reinforcing cutting edges. The weld metal’s high tungsten content provides excellent edge-holding qualities. It also has good tempering properties and allows heat treatment like other high speed steels.

C: 0.03 Si: 0,3
Ni:18 Mo:4

Co: 12 Ti: +

HB 350 as welded

HR:55 soft annealed
For the repairing die steels, specifically high volume pressing tools with particular reference to H13 and mar aging steels. The deposits are easily machinable and heat treatable where improved hardness is required. Facing of dies, stamping tools, metal drawing tools, pressure die, csting tools. The weld metal deposit gives improved adge hardness to cold cutting tools and shears.