flux-cored wire for welding CAST IRON

Material N.13912
C: <0,1    Si:< 1.0         
Mn: 3.0 Ni: 36,0
Fe: res.
Ni-,Fe-alloyed tubular wire. The content of 36% Ni is significant, because at this Ni content an iron alloy has the lowest possible thermal expansion rate. Steel with this composition does not expand up to 200°C. Used for joining and repairing nearly all types of cast iron.
MF NiFe-2
C: <0,1    Si:< 1.0
Mn: 4.0 Ni: res.
Fe:40,0 Cu:+
It is a tubular wire who deposit is a ferronickel alloy type. Its suitable for hoining and repairing all types of grey cast iron, also for joining cast iron to steel, but especially for nodular cast iron. Used for hoining and repairing nearly alla types of cast iron.