II. Electrodes for welding HEAT- and SCALE-RESISTANT STEELS

E 23 12 LR 12
C:<0.04    Si: 0.9 
Cr:24         Ni:13 
Mn: 0.7
Rutile containing electrode for welding dissimilar steels and for surfacing. Material no. 1.4337. scale-resistant up to 1000°C. Approval: DB YS=580 TS=800 IV=40 E=20 29/9 MPR is a high-performance electrode of the same type with a recovery of 160%.
E 25 20 R 12
E 310-15
E 25 20B 22
C: 0.10 Mn: 3
Cr:25 Ni: 21
Rutile coated electrode for welding heat-resistant steels – Weld deposit scale-resistant up to 1200°C 4842 B is a basic coated electrode.
YS=350 TS=600 IV=80 E=30
E 25 4 R 12 
E 25 4 R52            
C: 0.06 Mn: 0.7
Cr:26 Ni: 4.7
High-performance electrode with weld deposit heat- and scale-resistant up to 1100°C. Resistant to oxidizing and sulphurous gases.
YS-5OO TS=700 E-20